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School PTA & Charity Discounts

Put the FUN into fundraising with Glowkings

Glowkings Glowsticks, Glow Rings, Glowing Bracelets, Glow Necklaces and our flashing novelties make ideal high margin fund raising products for charities, schools or your PTA and are loved by adults and children of all ages. We offer special discounts on our glow and flashing products for these type of organisations

If you are purchasing on behalf of a Charity, School or PTA or similar organisation we offer a 10% discount on top of the discounts already available on our website, please enter the GlowKings coupon code glow10 on the checkout page (after you have entered your delivery details)

To use the discount code you click the "redeem a coupon code" link on the checkout page which is available after you have entered your address and shipping details

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